Review: Take Me to Somewhere by Onward Chariots


Album Rating: 5.7/10

Onward Chariots loves to use harmonious vocals and upbeat sounds to draw in the listener. This Chamber Pop group, almost with a hint of Ska, pulls some tricks out of its hat.

This is not just a group of people hoping to make it big. This is a collection of people who have been playing music since they could walk and have been filling out their personal resume’s with bands including Cake, Scurvy and Wheatus. This is a group that has shown us what they are capable of, and once again they are proving that they can consistently perform.

This song is not from this EP, but it is still worth a listen.

Onward Chariots produces one of the most intricate and sparkling pop sounds to date. They have been compared to the Beach Boys, The Shins and Belle and Sebastian, just to name a few. In my opinion, Onward Chariots has several same qualities as the Monkees. But this 20 minute album only gives you a small taste of what Onward Chariots can produce. If you would like to hear more, check out their album, This is my Confession.

tumblr_lp9u51ITVg1qg2tj8The fourth track, The Sound, sounded like I was playing Mario Kart driving on Rainbow Road. The dream like guitars and keyboard gave a calmness to the album without slowing down the tempo. This dream pop band put scenes in my head. The music was beyond just notes and lyrics. This was a story, a painting of sound.

Onward Chariots has been able to play shows that most bands would kill for. They have played SXSW and NXNW. They have been featured on radio stations across the country and in other countries including Brazil.

This EP has five full length tracks:

01. It Doesn’t Even Matter
02. Vacation
03. I Know We’ll Find A Way
04. The Sound
05. Take Me To Somewhere

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